Founding Funders

Founding Funders are our most prestigious members with an elite benefits package to match!

As a Founding Funder, your organization will receive recognition for your support (unless you choose to remain anonymous) with logo placement linked to your website on our homepage and throughout our site. This recognition will last for the duration of your membership (one year minimum). Founding Funders also receive our basic benefits package, with a few adjustments for added incentive. You can make a one-time payment (online or with a check) of $3000, or make $250 monthly installments (using our automated debiting service) for twelve months.

Benefits include:
  • Get featured as a sponsor on our site with your logo (linked to your site) for one year
  • Get listed in our attorney directory (if applicable)
  • Give your staff and colleagues confidential access to our members-only hotline for questions about public forum law
  • FREE (unlimited) SunScribe basic request service
  • Members-only access to Gold and Premium SunScribe services
  • Access to enhanced members-only web content
  • Interactive access to blogs and news item content
  • A single Founding Funders membership covers you and your entire staff!

Option 1: $3000 one-time payment

Option 2: $250/month for 12 months

Option 3:
Pay By Mail

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