27 May 2011

You leave a legacy and I aspire to be just even a little like you. Kristie of Educate.Advocate.

14 May 2011

Rich, I didn’t know you for a long time but those few moments we had were memorable. You treated me with respect when you asked my opinion. For that I will always remember you. RIP my friend
–Tom Lorincz

14 May 2011

The first time i heard Rich speak I knew he was special. I have been a journalist for a long stretch which involves large doses of cynicism. But my skeptical reserve was melted away after listening to this wild man (I later learned he was a chemistry professor. What? A CHEMISTRY PROFESSOR?) Rich spoke passionately how transparency and openness in government was the sunshine for the survival of democracy. I was ready to pick up a spear and follow him into combat. Rich was a very special man.

14 May 2011

Richard’s commitment to open government principals will live on through the inspiration he has given so many of us. We can honor him best by striving to emulate his tireless efforts to bring more sunshine to government process.
— Jim Harvey


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