Statistics Analaysis

Results Breakdown

Legal Compliance
A’s 21
B’s 29
C’s 23
D’s 18
F’s 25
73 C
Customer Service
A’s 88
B’s 19
C’s 7
D’s 2
F’s 0
93 A
Highest Combined Average Score – Coronado Police Department (102.5)
Highest Legal Compliance Scores (tie)
Banning Police Department (100)
Contra Costa Sheriff (100)*
Coronado Police Department
El Cerrito Police Department
Half Moon Bay Police Department
Santa Rosa Police Department
Lowest Legal Compliance Scores (tie)
Santa Monica Police Department (40/F)
Stockton Police Department (40/F)
Highest Customer Service Scores (tie)
Coronado Police Department
Covina Police Department
Davis Police Department
Dublin Police Department
El Dorado County Sheriff
Marin County Sheriff
Mountain View Police Department
San Mateo County Sheriff
Lowest Customer Service Score – CHP North Sacramento (80/B-)
Most Improved Score from Original Audit – Banning Police Department
(January=F-, November=A+)
Most Degraded Score from Original Audit – San Bernardino Police Department
(January=B, November=D+)
Highest Report Fees – Placer County Sheriff ($35)
*Contra Costa Sheriff was the highest scoring (legal compliance) Sheriff’s agency in the


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