2006 State Agency Audit

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Department of Justice

Department of Corporations

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Department of Justice


AUDIT II (August 2006)

Complete Summary Report

Report Card (click on agency name for individual report, or view all)

Air Resources Board F- Managed Health Care, Department of A+
Alcohol and Drug Programs, Dept. of C Mental Health, Department of A+
Coastal Commission, California B- Motor Vehicles, Department of B
Consumer Affairs, Department of B Parks and Recreation, Department of A-
Corporations, Department of B+ Public Employees Retirement Sys. (CalPERS) D+
Corrections, Department of C Public Utilities Commission, California F-
Developmental Services, Dept. of D- Real Estate, Department of B+
Employment Development Department F- Secretary of State, Office of F
Environ. Health Haz. Assess., Dept. of A+ Social Services, California Dept. of B-
Equalization, State Board of D+ State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) A+
General Services, Department of B Toxic Substances Control, Dept. of A-
Health Plan. & Develop., Office of Statewide A+ Transportation (CALTRANS), Dept. of C-
Health Services, Department of F- Veterans Affairs, Department of B+
Industrial Relations, Department of A+ Water Resources, Department of C-
Insurance, Department of C+ Water Resources Control Board, State A-
Justice, Department of A+

AUDIT I (January 2006)

Report Card
A compliance test of 31 state agencies

Image created by Eileen Mosley, The Reporter, Vacaville


Individual Agency Reports:

Please select a report
Air Resources Board
CA Coastal Commission
CA Dept of Social Services
DPT: Alcohol & Drug Programs
DPT: Consumer Affairs
DPT: Corporations
DPT: Corrections
DPT: Development Services
DPT: Employment Development Department
DPT: Environmental Health
DPT: General Services
DPT: Health Services
DPT: Industrial Relations
DPT: Insurance
DPT: Justice
DPT: Managed Health Care
DPT: Mental Health
DPT: Motor Vehicles
DPT: Parks & Recreation
DPT: Real Estate
DPT: Toxic Substances Control
DPT: Veterans Affairs
DPT: Water Resources
DPT: Youth Authority
Office: Health Plannning & Development
Office: Secretary of State
State Board of Equalization
State Water Resources

• Grading Summary

• Audit Backgrounder

• Auditor Ryan McKee’s Essay

• Proposed Legislation

Executive Order

State Agency Compliance Audit Press Conference
Californians Aware was hosted by Assemblyman Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) on March 14, 2006 at the State Capitol to announce the results of its State agency CPRA compliance audit results.The video includes statements by Assemblyman Leno about the results, as well as his intentions to carry a new bill to resolve the issues highlighted in the audit.

CalAware President Rich McKee discusses the background of the audit, such as how these agencies were chosen and the methods used at each agency audited.

Volunteer Ryan McKee, who conducted the audit, describes his experience with both well performing agencies, and those that failed. CalAware General Counsel Terry Francke comments on the legislation he deems necessary to plug the holes in the law.

Finally, Assemblyman Leno answers questions from the audience, including a question about where the finger should be pointed. You might be surprised by his response… View now

CalAware on the Air
Assemblyman Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) talks with Afternoon Drive news hosts Kitty O’Neal and Jay Alan about the CalAware audit results, and his support for new legislation to address some of the problems. Listen now

Capital Public Radio, the Sacramento NPR affiliate, reports on the results of the State agency audit, including proposed legislation from Assemblyman Mark Leno (D-San Francisco). Listen Now

CalAware on the air with capital area’s ‘Insight’ Good Government: A new survey shows a majority of people feel open public records and meetings keep government honest. Today experts tell you if open government really does equal good government, and where California could improve. Listen Now


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