The primary objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be: To foster the improvement of, compliance with and public understanding and use of, public forum law, which deals with people’s rights to find out what citizens need to know to be truly self-governing, and to share what they know and believe without fear or loss.
The trends to be overcome mainly consist of:

  • Excessive official secrecy: A public starved of the facts that are staples of speech.
  • Intimidation or retaliation: Too high a price placed on inquiry, reporting or comment.
  • Eroding opportunity: Dwindling space or time for expected and protected speech.

The approach to overcoming these trends will mainly consist of:

  • Encouraging the improvement of public forum law in the Legislature and the courts, through public education about pending legislation and litigation, and limited legislative advocacy consistent with a tax-exempt charitable organization.
  • Promoting better practices and better observance of the law by public agencies, through training, publications and model policies.
  • Assuring that citizens know their rights and protections and how to use them confidently, through training, publications and Internet resources.



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