Governor's Office: Transparency Site Shutdown Saved $

Governor Jerry Brown’s recent decision to shut down the Reporting Transparency in Government website created by his predecessor will save the state more than $25,000, his office has informed CalAware, and the site only got an average of 4,100 hits per month. But how did the decision come about? None of your business, we’re told:

This letter responds to your recent Public Records Act request,  Specifically, you requested records related to “the decision to end posting on the transparency website, including but not limited to a specific analysis of the cost savings thereby accomplished. . .

We are not providing information exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Act.  Specifically, we are not providing attorney work product and attorney-client privileged communications. . . Additionally, we will not produce correspondence because those records are exempt from disclosure. . . And we will not produce information that reveals the deliberative process of governmental decision-makers . . .


Deouty Legal Affairs Secretary