Journalist Sues for Ouster from Fisheries Forum

A video journalist who was arrested for taping and speaking up at a North Coast workshop last year conducted by state and nonprofit officials concerning the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative has sued the offending agencies for damages and a court order against repetition of the practice, reports attorney Peter Martin.

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Court: Names of Officers in Shootings Are Public

A judge has rejected a police union's argument that the public is not entitled to learn the names of officers involved in shootings. The contention that some of the information might provoke unlawful acts  in the future is too speculative to warrant an order blocking release of the information requested by the Los Angeles Times, report Victoria Kim and Richard Winton.

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No First Amendment Right to Tape Cops in Public?

In Illinois, police may audio record any conversation in a public place, but no one else may record their conversations—among themselves or with citizens they interact with, no matter how audibly—in a public place; to do so is a felony. A federal judge last week dismissed a First Amendment challenge to this law brought by the ACLU.

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Initial L.A. County Sheriff's explanation for keeping news media from getting close enough to tree-perched trespassing protesters to see and hear them: The whole area, including the approach street, is a crime scene.  The later explanation: OK, it wasn't a crime scene.  We wanted to protect the protesters from any harm that might have befallen them.  Nathan McIntire reports for Monrovia Patch.

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