Threats against, Attacks on Wikileaks Condemned

What do Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas), Viggo Mortensen, and Noam Chomsky have in common? They and more than 2500 others (as of 10 PM PDT tonight) have gone public in opposing the U.S. Government's condemnation and efforts to sabotage Wikileaks. Paul's objections are reported here; the others' names are on the open online petition here.


One thought on “Threats against, Attacks on Wikileaks Condemned

  1. Can Americans handle the truth? Americans have had very little access to the truth. Rich powerful corporation who are in bed with the government control much of the main stream media, there for controlling Americans perception of what the truth is. Now, however, with the WikiLeaks disclosures, they are able to have a much clearer view of what their reality actually is. Truth does not cause death and destruction, nor does it put peoples lives in danger, but lies and deceptions do. If Americans don’t have a clear understanding of what their leaders are doing on their behalf, then they don’t truly live in a democracy. Wake up America!

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