Suit for CSU-Palin Records Is Radio Topic Tuesday

PUBLIC INFORMATION — Tomorrow (Tuesday, May 4) at 10 a.m. Capital Public Radio in Sacramento, on its "Insight" public affairs program, will feature a live discussion moderated by host Jeffrey Callison on the topic: "CSU Foundations; their roles and their level of transparency in light of the incident regarding the Sarah Palin event at CSU Stanislaus."

Scheduled and/or invited guests in the segment include: State Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco), who first made a public records request to CSU Stanislaus for Palin-related records and was told they belonged to the campus's nonprofit foundation, and were thus exempt from disclosure; CSU Stanislaus Foundation President Matt Swanson, who confirmed that position; CSU Sacramento Foundation member Jim Reinhart; Californians Aware attorney Kelly Aviles, who filed a pending court action to force release of Palin-related records held by the campus administration; and CSU General Counsel Dawn Theodora, who will be defending the denial of access.

Late Monday Theodora informed Aviles that, pursuant to CalAware's request, 899 pages of potentially releasable records had been found, and that after certain redactions of confidential information, they would be made available for inspection and/or copying.

KXJZ is at 90.9 FM. "Insight" is streamed and archived at the link above.


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