District Wants to Fire Aide for Being Informative

Community College District trustees in Oakland were to decide Tuesday night whether to fire
an employee who fellow administrators claim gave a newspaper public information that
embarrassed Chancellor Elihu Harris, report Matt Krupnick and Thomas Peele in the Contra Costa Times in Walnut Creek.

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Salute to an Honest Man Who Got Sick of Secrecy

OPEN GOVERNMENT — Thomas Peele, the "watchdog columnist" for the Contra Costa Times in Walnut Creek, salutes the memory of a housing authority board chairman who, in a time and place long rife with corruption, stunned colleagues and staff by ordering a meeting opened to the public because he was "sick of all this damn secrecy."

Court: Land Use Body Unlawfully Ousted Member

FREE SPEECH — The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has concluded that a San Diego County land use body violated the constitutional speech rights of one of its members when it ousted her as the representative of a cattlemen's group for making a statement—at the body's request—that the body found unacceptable, reports Greg Moran for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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No Free Speech Shield for Cops Blowing Whistles

FREE SPEECH/WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION — As professional crime-fighters, cops have no First Amendment protection when they inform their superiors of crime and corruption, notes a human resources specialist for BusinessManagementDaily.com. But they may still have some remedy for employer retaliation under California's Whistleblower Protection Act.

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San Bernardino ACORN Agent: Too Clever by Half?

FREE PRESS — If the San Bernardino ACORN employee secretly video-recorded by a purported pimp and prostitute she was interviewing sues for violation of her privacy rights, the state Supreme Court's interpretation of the relevant California statute could give her a strong case. Or might  have—had she not already admitted she knew the interview was a set-up.

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