Twitter Hack Case Could Test Shield for Blogs

FREE PRESS — Exploiting a computer network's imperfect security, a hacker unlawfully gains access to private company messages and other documents and copies and forwards them to an Internet information site, where some are posted.  The company seeks to find out who the hacker was.  If the Internet site is found to be a journalistic publisher under California law, it may be able to ignore the company's subpoena, which would be unenforceable, notes attorney Jeffrey D. Neuburger in MediaShift.

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Swiss Bank Informer Looking at Bars, Not Bounty

WHISTLEBLOWERS — Bradley C. Birkenfeld, the former UBS banker who helped break the secrecy of the Swiss bank—a
practice that not only sustained uncounted spy novels, but was widely
considered inviolable—is facing years in prison after blowing the whistle on tax cheating via offshore accounts.

As reported by David S. Hilzenrath for the Washington Post,

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