Sunlight Foundation reports that at least 76 Congressional lawmakers have disclosed their fiscal
year 2009 earmark requests online; 46 more so far have foregone earmarks for
fiscal year 2009, while 10 (none in California so far) said they will not
disclose their earmark requests.

Californians listed as foregoing earmarks are Congressmen Campbell,
Nunes and Waxman; those who have disclosed them so far are Baca, Billbray,
Bono, Calvert, Eshoo, Honda, Hunter, Issa, McCarthy, McNerney, Tauscher and

No other members of the
California delegation, including the two senators, have been asked so far;
anyone can ask them, post the responses 
here to help complete the survey, and get links to the actual disclosures to date.


One thought on “

  1. Thanks for posting about our earmark project. 76 lawmakers is no where near enough people who disclose their earmarks. This measure can make some of the budget process transparent and accountable.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions
    Nisha Thompson
    Online Organizer and Outreach Coordinator
    Sunlight Foundation

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